[Namron] Food Variety in modern time USA

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>I think the only people who came close to the many
>varied possibilities of the average American grocery were
>upper class Romans and Byzantines in certain periods.
>Until you live in some other countries, where all the
>available food is local and seasonal, you might not realize
>what a truly varied diet is possible, even though most
>Americans probably eat pizza, hamburgers and tacos
>to the exclusion of variety.  I have wild rabbit in my
>back yard, but they have parasites which the domestic
>rabbits sold in various food stores probably don't have.
>Did anyone find my wandering Inkle Loom at Protectorate?
>Caius Fabius
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>>How do you figure our modern diet is limited?  We get more variety than 
>>any time I can think of, and better quality.
>>            Ewen MacG.
>>At 09:28 PM 10/13/2005, you wrote:
>>>Wild boar?? How cool... I'd like to try some of that?
>>>Our diet in this modern age is so limited compared to
>>>past times.  I'm always eager to try something
>>>Anyone know a good local source for rabbit?
>>>To the Dream,
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