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Ok, I was thinking of the variety of meats we eat. 
Yes, fruits and veggies, etc. are available in greater
variety due to import and cross-country transport. 
But the meats we eat are limited.  Beef, chiken, pork,
turkey... for the most part.  Where are all the other
possibilities?  How many people in our mundane world
today have eaten squirrel, peacock, and a myriad of
other critters running and flying around in the woods
and on the plains?  Now, that is not to say all
critters are tasty to eat.


--- John Hurst <jhurstsca at cableone.net> wrote:

> How do you figure our modern diet is limited?  We
> get more variety than any 
> time I can think of, and better quality.
>             Ewen MacG.
> At 09:28 PM 10/13/2005, you wrote:
> >Wild boar?? How cool... I'd like to try some of
> that?
> >Our diet in this modern age is so limited compared
> to
> >past times.  I'm always eager to try something
> >different.
> >
> >Anyone know a good local source for rabbit?
> >
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