[Namron] Not the same old food...

Craig Pharaoh sherdana at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 18 08:50:34 PDT 2005

Seriously?  Feedlots!
My beef is raised on grass, hay and occassional grain and fruit,
without added wierd stuff and animal proteins.  They exercise daily,
having to move 1/2 mile (at least) between water and food.
Longhorns have not been bred for "added weight" which
usually means more fat.  Plus, we hang the meat for a
couple of days after slaughter which imparts more flavor.

(I remember the British would "hang" pheasant until the bird's
head came off, for more flavor, but that is going a bit far.)

And Lord Hatur spent a lot of time making sure that the meat was well
smoked, he started cooking for the feast a week before the feast.

All in all, it is the time that we take to do things more naturally that
makes the difference in taste.    Imagine feedlots where the cow's food is
laced with ground up animal proteins, (if they add brains and spinal
cords you may get mad cow disease), and is made salty so the beasts have
to drink, while the water has added chemicals to make the animals hungry.
The animals stand around for days, just eating and eating and pooping, then 
slaughtered, cut up and packed off to the steak house or grocery.  They add
the poop back into the cowfeed, so they don't waste anything.
(I also worked as a butcher's assistant in a grocery for a while).

Sorry, now you know why I prefer home raised beef.....and eggs and .....

Caius  (who now has to go fix some fence, the downside of home grown beef.)

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>Lord Caius wrote:
> > Note: the beef fixed by Lord Hatur at Protectorate was
> > longhorn, and the bull which donated his meat was one
> > year and two weeks old.  That meat should have been
> > both lean and tender.
>Was that beef you raised, Caius?  I found it wonderfully tasty.  It bore
>no honest resemblance to what is served at the chain "steak houses" in
>this kingdom, and reminded me strongly of the beef I had growing up in
>rural Ansteorra.  In recent years I decided that it isn't just memory
>making the beef taste better back then.  It really did.  So what is the
>reason, and what other food animals would taste different than they did
>many years ago?
>Baron Ulf
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