[Namron] Not the same old food...

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Oct 17 22:34:22 PDT 2005

Lord Caius wrote:
> Note: the beef fixed by Lord Hatur at Protectorate was
> longhorn, and the bull which donated his meat was one
> year and two weeks old.  That meat should have been
> both lean and tender. 

Was that beef you raised, Caius?  I found it wonderfully tasty.  It bore
no honest resemblance to what is served at the chain "steak houses" in
this kingdom, and reminded me strongly of the beef I had growing up in
rural Ansteorra.  In recent years I decided that it isn't just memory
making the beef taste better back then.  It really did.  So what is the
reason, and what other food animals would taste different than they did
many years ago?

Baron Ulf

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