[Namron] Diaster relief

scott melton darius67 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 7 07:39:31 PDT 2005

dont look like anyone is comin to davis  they sent the workiers home

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> Maleah,
> Our library is collecting items for relief.
> Originally we were sending them to Feed the Children,
> but may be sending them to the Falls Creek camp as we
> understand that about 3-5 thousand refugees will be
> arriving in Davis to be housed at the camp this week.
> That's just down the road to Maysville.  I'll be at
> pop tonight if anyone would like to send items.
> Samarrah
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>> Subject: [SCA-Exchequers] SCA Disaster Funds
>> ORGANIZATIONS. This includes the
>> American Red Cross, Unicef, the Salvation Army, etc.
>> However, please wait at least
>> a month or two, so that the exchequer is ready to
>> handle the donations. They
>> may have RealLife(tm) to handle right now and
>> sending them a check when they
>> have no access to the bank would not be helpful. If
>> a branch wants to donate
>> SCA equipment or regalia, please check with the
>> branch first to make sure
>> that what you want to give them will be a) needed
>> and used, and b) not also
>> promised from another branch. No one wants to have
>> 12 sets of thrones and no
>> banners, coronets or pavilions.
>> MEMBERS. There are already two charities set up to
>> specifically benefit SCA
>> members - Medieval Disaster Relief
>> (http://maxandlethrenn.org/hurricane_relief/) and
>> Chateau Teafort Foundation
>> (http://www.fanucci.org/aid.html). SCA funds may NOT
>> be directed to these
>> organizations, but both organizations will happily
>> take personal donations.
>> You can even get a spiffy CD from Chateau Teafort.
>> It is *excellent* that we have an organization where
>> so many people are
>> willing to help out our cousins in the affected
>> areas. I would caution that
>> any aid that requires attention from any of the
>> affected people right now
>> would not be as helpful as it would be in a couple
>> of months. They have more
>> basic needs to attend to at this time, and those
>> needs are best handled by
>> the professionals.
>> Please feel free to copy this to any appropriate
>> lists.
>> Susan Earley
>> Society Exchequer
>> SCA, Inc.
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