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This is from the disaster relief coordinators list:

Hello to all those who are on this list and helping
with this wonderful effort.  Thank you so much for
everything you're doing.  Please know that Meridies
and Gleann Abhann is truely appreciative of the love
and support you have shown us in our time of need.  It
will be a large effort for any of us to try and repay
this kind of grand effort.
Also know that we are watching Ophelia and will be
sensitive to Atlantia's needs when she finally makes
her decision to land.  After all, we are Disaster
Relief, and Supply Run and the like.  Atlanta can
easily make a run eastward if needed.
Now down to other business.  I have been hearing from
the front lines that we need to send more things like
gift cards and clean up or cleaining supplies.  I'm
talking about tarps, tubs, leather gloves, trash bags.
And stuff they don't have to wash, paper towels,
plastic cups, disposable plates and plasticware.  They
also need sunscreen and bugspray (probably both, for
yard and person).
I'm not saying stop sending what you're working on
now, but if we don't start guiding the efforts into
the next stage, it'll be too late when it finally gets
Also, please post to the website message board:
any large fundraiser events you're doing.  You may
also send that information to Jocosa, our handy
website person for her to enter it on the calendar.
Please keep that post to her brief though, as there is
only one of her and lots of us!  All she needs is the
date, kingdom, event, and what kind of fundraiser
(auction, lunch, whatever, something short)

I hope I have provided some kind of guidance.

Lethrenn of Meridies

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