[Namron] Charter painting

Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Wed Sep 14 15:13:20 PDT 2005

On Sep 13, 2005, at 3:09 PM, Jennene Stanley wrote:

> http://ocs112.ocs.ou.edu/~vortmax/images/maptohouse.gif

And thanks to Google Maps the above map has been updated!  Our  
address still isn't recognized because it's relatively new, but I was  
able to track down our latitude and longitude coordinates and bring  
the map up to date.

My apologies to anyone who clicked this and received a "file not  
found."  That machine underwent a wipe and reinstall about a month ago.

And if anyone needs directions, use the following Google maps link:


Lord Thomas of Weathershear
(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)

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