[Namron] Needing advice on what Paint to use for outdoor banner....

BardessOfTheSted@aol.com BardessOfTheSted at aol.com
Mon Sep 19 06:50:36 PDT 2005

Greetings all!

I am truly in need of any advice or suggestions you all can give me...  I am 
making an "outdoor banner" of sorts.  It is something that will be used in all 
sorts of weather that we run into in the upper portion of Ansteorra, AKA, 
anything is possible!  

I am painting it on Trigger fabric, and need to make sure 1) it will stay on 
and won't flake an incredible amount, and 2) that it will not peal off on 
other parts of the trigger fabric or other parts of that are already painted on 
the banner.

I'm not exactly on a budget, but will need a lot of paint to finish this job. 
 Is there some kind of craft paint that will fit my needs?  Or is there 
something I can pick up at a craft store to add to the paint?  Again...I'm in 
desperate need of all of your experienced voices!

Thanks so much, 
Aelesia Of Warwick
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