[Namron] Needing advice on what Paint to use for outdoor banner....

margaret m.p.decker at att.net
Mon Sep 19 15:54:59 PDT 2005

Have you considered using applique instead?....Baroness Margarite

> Greetings all!
> I am truly in need of any advice or suggestions you all can give me...  I 
> am
> making an "outdoor banner" of sorts.  It is something that will be used in 
> all
> sorts of weather that we run into in the upper portion of Ansteorra, AKA,
> anything is possible!
> I am painting it on Trigger fabric, and need to make sure 1) it will stay 
> on
> and won't flake an incredible amount, and 2) that it will not peal off on
> other parts of the trigger fabric or other parts of that are already 
> painted on
> the banner.
> I'm not exactly on a budget, but will need a lot of paint to finish this 
> job.
> Is there some kind of craft paint that will fit my needs?  Or is there
> something I can pick up at a craft store to add to the paint?  Again...I'm 
> in
> desperate need of all of your experienced voices!
> Thanks so much,
> Aelesia Of Warwick


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