[Namron] Woodland Festival

terry wasson haturearn at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 16:46:21 PDT 2005

I am still taking suggestions on the pro and cons of
the Woodland festival.
 This will better help in the organzition and running
if it.
 Here are a few questions to help you get going.
 How were the venders food ,children toys, adult
 Were the info vendors a good quilty?
 Food venders , more needed?
 Bathrooms were the signs adaquate enough or do we
need portajohns for more visibilty.
 Were the coordinaters available to help both
participants and vistors?
 Advertisements for the event did you here any
complaints or suggestions on this?
 Hospitality tent was the food good , was it enough,
 Do we need a bigger tent for hosp.
 Can we as a Sca group continue this and handle the
 Sca fighting waqs it ok.
 Were the marshals contacted to help with this.
 CAn we get more Chilvalric and light fighters to
 Do the fighters need a time scheduled of fights.
 What else could the Sca do with the feild beside
fight on it.
 Was the bake sale and Sca info booth a good idea.
 Would any and All who wish to make your suggestions
known please reply.

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