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I would also refer to Corpora, Appendix A, pp. 23-24:

"2. The Society’s standard titles are defined in (4) below. The Society 
recognizes that equivalent titles from other cultures may be more appropriate 
for individual members. Such alternate titles may be used by those entitled to 
the rank or award associated with them, provided the College of Arms has 
ruled that the title in question is an equivalent for the rank or award in 
question. All standard and alternate titles are specific to the Society, and 
convey no rank or precedence outside it. They may be used in a Society 
context only by those who have achieved the appropriate rank or award 
within the Society. 


4. The titles listed here are considered standard, and may be used by those 
who have earned or been granted the appropriate rank or award within the 
Society. The College of Arms publishes a more extensive list of titles and 
alternative forms, which may also be used freely by qualified persons. In 
addition, the College of Arms has full approval authority over new alternative 
titles, which must be added to their list before being released for use in the 


Master/Mistress:   Members of the Orders of the Laurel, the Pelican, 
and Mastery of Arms. "

To summarize:  it may not be appropriate to refer to one's self as a "master/
mistress" until a decree from the Crown has been issued allowing one to be 
named as such.

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Speaking as someone married to one who is "afflicted," this guild might be 
not be welcomed by everyone with a disability.  As has been pointed out, 
Namron has welcomed with open arms those with disabilities and treated 
them like equals.  In particular, my wife enjoys the SCA because it allows her 
to become "that lady who plays the harp" or "that lady who creates and wears 
wonderful Elizabethan garb," not "that lady with the terrible affliction whom 
we must give special consideration and treatment."

Just something to think about.

Lord Thomas of Weathershear
(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)
Seneschal Namron

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