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Alas this may be true but.... those who go and get sites for us to attend
think not of us who are disabled then we do not get to attend... Example:
Camp Cimmeron.. this site is by no streach of the immagination legal nor
close to complying to the A.D.A. laws of the land but it is better than most
sites used here in oklahoma. At it I can at least get into most buildings
with a little effort. I can mention a site that I had to bring ramps to just
get into the cabin... nothing I have would have gotten me into the feast
hall. Yes there is a need to remind people there are those amongst us who
are unable to get around well. I get sick of reminding people of the law....
I decided about a month ago to just let my attny remind them of the law its
alot easier. I do as much as I can.. even went to panther primitives and
bought a new tent that the friends who camp with us can help set up so I
dont need to keep asking for a cabin, also so I can camp closer to the
action (will still need a hookup to power to charge the chair). I do want
those who go and pick sites to "Think about me" before they say yes to a
site. A few questions they should think on "Will this rip the underside out
form his wheelchair hydrolic van?", "Can his chair fit in the bathrooms?",
"can his chair fit in the handicapped stall or is there one?", "Can his
powered wheelchair get around the site or will he be stuck where he is going
to camp?", "Can he get power in case no cabins are avilable to charge his
chair?". See these are a few of the things that I wished people thought of.
We dont ask for alot just some thought when a site is picked (and cimmeron
isnt a bad site its just rough on the powerchair and the bathrooms are hard
to access and the entry way road dented my hydrolic tank under the van). Not
a rant just defending a lady with a grand cause and working on doing the
right thing.  Now having said that, I dont like to nor want to ask people
for help when I should be able to take care of myself. Getting stuck in my
powerchair while trying to navigate a site is not only emberassing but down
right dangerous, allow me to explain.. its time for me to get my cath... I
am full to the point of pain.... cant get cathed in time and get bleed back
into my kidneys due to the wife having to run and get help for me getting
stuck. Now you may ask.. why is he full to the point of pain... thats the
only way I know when I need to get relief is when my bladder puts pressure
on something I can feel and like almost everyone I forget off and on to
remind her when its time for a cathing. Our barony does try to take care of
those of us who are limited in mobility... I know there are more handicapped
accessable sites... Robers cave for one... and a few more once upon a time
when people were saying they couldnt find sites I did the research and gave
a list. Again this isnt a flameing.. this is simple fact. Pookinator has
offered (threatened more like it lol) to push me around sites when he see's
me, which I appreciate cause I know his heart is as big as he is, but again
saying when I have a powerchair that can surmount a 4 inch curb and I cant
get around... So lets calm down and not flame one another and agree more can
be done. I do want my friends to look at me and not my chair. I do suggest
that those looking at sites try and take someone in a powerchair or borrow
one and see if they can get around the site... Just a suggestion though.

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Speaking as someone married to one who is "afflicted," this guild might be
not be welcomed by everyone with a disability.  As has been pointed out,
Namron has welcomed with open arms those with disabilities and treated
them like equals.  In particular, my wife enjoys the SCA because it allows
to become "that lady who plays the harp" or "that lady who creates and wears
wonderful Elizabethan garb," not "that lady with the terrible affliction
we must give special consideration and treatment."

Just something to think about.

Lord Thomas of Weathershear
(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)
Seneschal Namron

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