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Perhaps you will clarify for whom this group is intended.  My own name has 
been brought into this by others, and yet I have neither an illness nor a 
syndrome.  My blindness does not in fact cause me any pain.  I bring this up 
because I thought it might be something for you all to consider as you form 
this guild.  You may want to clarify who it is you wish to serve.

Now I do think it might be helpful to have a collection of information or 
resources available to someone who is interested, on what kind of 
accommodations, if any, are helpful to those of us with various 
disabilities.  I do not know that a guild is the answer, however I have not 
investigated other possibilities.  I am not sure that the various people I 
know with disabilities in the SCA will even be willing to participate in 
such a guild.  You have already heard the mixed reactions to it here in our 

I do have an example of something that I expect is discussed with the 
designing of almost every Blackstar ad.  Why in an ad where space is so 
limited do we waste space by declaring that no pets except service animals 
are allowed?  To clarify my meaning, I know that my guide dog is not a pet, 
and therefore not being referred to in the no pets line.  Perhaps it is 
included for those people without disabilities so they will know my dog is 
allowed?  Whatever the reasons, I have heard some pretty convoluted phrasing 
of the simple statement that no pets are allowed on a site.  This is not a 
very important issue, except perhaps to those ad designers trying to squeeze 
in as much information as possible, but I use it to illustrate that it might 
be nice to have a place to go to ask these disability related questions 
instead of muddling through on our own.

I think that it is perfectly reasonable for us to discus issues of 
accommodation here, without this turning in to an argument.  Perhaps is 
suggestions are made about the kinds of accommodations people will find 
helpful, instead of demands for service, then those who are looking for 
sites can keep it all in mind in the planning stages.


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> The Guild of Camillus de Lellis has its begining in
> the Kingdom of Caid.  We are working toward an
> inter-kingdom Guild which would involve all kingdoms
> (it currently has members from Canada and Australia as
> well as the US).  The terminology used (at the moment
> at least) by the Guild was that the person
> coordinating for a kingdom would be called  Guild
> Master/Mistress for the kingdom.  With the information
> I have been given, I am going back to the guild and
> seeing if we need to change that.  Each group inside
> the kingdom would have a barony/canton/shire House
> Master/Mistress to share the Guild with their area.
> We are still working on the charter, but at the moment
> the purpose of the guild is as follows:
> This is a "social" guild to Support and Educate those
> in the SCA with chronic illness / pain syndromes,
> their loved ones, and the general populace.
> Goals: The goals for the Guild at the time of
> chartering shall be:
> 1. To facilitate communication between guild members
> for education and support.
> 2. To support one another with regards to management
> of chronic illnesses to further enhance participation
> in SCA events..
> 3. To educate others about chronic illness and its
> management to maximize the potential of the
> participation SCA members.
> 4. To manage and maintain an Inter-kingdom electronic
> mailing list for guild members, and their loved ones.
> 5. To encourage research of Medieval and Renaissance
> devices, objects, and methods to camouflage modern
> medical devices to fit into the SCA theme
> Like any other house or guild, NO ONE is obligated to
> become a member.  The guild is open to those who have
> chronic illness/pain, those who are caregivers, and
> those who want to know more about how to help.
> The most recent notice I received about kingdom A&S is
> that there will be a category for camouglaging mundane
> items.  If you notice goal #5, that is one of the
> purposes of the guild.
> IT IS NOT our intention to draw attention to people
> and say, "Look, look! So and so has a disability,
> affliction, handicap, disorder, whatever.  It is our
> intention to find out from those who know best (those
> who live with their illness/pain) how to best assist
> in the playing of the game w/o drawing specific
> attention to them.  How do YOU as a specific
> individual with your "affliction" want the rest of us
> to help you be able to play the game to the fullest
> extent that you want to?  The idea is to provide
> education and support.  It doesn't have to be done
> with a herald announcing to everyone that it was done.
> Some specific examples of things I have personally
> participated in that have made things more fun or have
> supported others.
> 1) Someone who was in great pain needed a painkiller.
> I happened to carry a small pill box and was able to
> provide that.
> 2) I was in a wheelchair after my hip injury.  At
> King's College when I was wearing out after pushing
> myself quite a distance to go to the historical
> library, a gentleman asked if I would accept his
> assistance.  I was grateful.
> 3) When I was in the wheelchair, Abdul "stole" me and
> took me for a spin around the halls at King's College.
> I laughed for the first time in weeks.  It was
> delightful.
> These are examples of how the members of the guild
> want to help each other.  In none of those instances
> was anyone embarassed, was their affliction pointed
> out, or were they considered "less than" for ANY
> reason.  I could give other examples, but won't w/o
> the permission of the people involved because it would
> be in very bad taste for me to do so.
> So, I guess it boils down to:  If you feel you would
> gain something by participating in this guild, you are
> welcome.  If you feel you don't need it, that's fine
> too.  Membership in this guild is strictly voluntary.
> Isobel de Kirkbryde
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> Guild of St. Camillus de Lellis
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