[Namron] Guild of Camillus de Lellis

Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Mon Sep 26 20:54:33 PDT 2005

On Sep 26, 2005, at 5:52 PM, Isobel de Kirkbryde wrote:

> Thank you for your input.  However, this doesn't
> address people who are called Master of Children or
> Mistress of A&S which are NOT given by crown.

Being a Seneschal, I was only concerned with how Corpora addresses  
the use of the title.  I have received other input that the use of  
Master/Mistress is also acceptable for use as mentioned above and  
with a House or Guild without prior decree from the crown provided  
the House or Guild name is included, as you had done in your title.   
I did not mean to say don't use it, but to offer suggestions and open  
a discussion on the issue.  If my words on this matter caused  
offense, it was not my intention.

> As far as the Guild, the idea is to create the
> environment in which your lovely lady plays in.  For
> that to happen, there are people who need to be
> educated.  And, even though I also have the wonderful
> opportunity to play in Namron, there are times when I
> don't know how best to support my fellow SCAdians who
> have afflictions.  That is what this guild is about
> not putting a scarlet letter around someone's neck who
> doesn't want one.

Thanks for the clarification.  Might I suggest contacting members of  
the Barony who also have disabilities to get their opinion on such a  
Guild as this might effect their experience in the SCA.

> I find this frustrating.  Once again, I have tried to
> do something I thought would be beneficial and help
> our Barony and the kingdom to be shot down.  Sigh!

My intent was not to "shoot down" anyone, but to open further  
discussion on the issue.  It has worked as I have received input on  
the master/mistress issue.  As for the Guild itself, I again suggest  
that you contact those in the Barony who have disabilities for their  
opinions on this Guild.  If I came across as crass, I can only  
clarify that my words were my personal opinion (as Thomas, not as  
Seneschal) and may have been written in a bit of haste.  However I  
cannot take back that opinion since it was already expressed openly,  
and they do represent my personal (not official) viewpoint.

Please accept that ideas posted on the list may encounter both  
support and criticism.  Please don't take either one as either full  
support or outright rejection, but as a simple opinion on an issue  
that has been presented to the members of the list, and thus open to  
other opinions.

> I'll remove that from my signature line and I won't
> bring it up again.  Sorry for the attempt to help.
> Apparently I was just being a helpful Henry.

Again, there is no need to remove the title from your signature.   
Usage of the title along with the Guild is acceptable.  I was just  
posting the "law" on the usage of the word and offering a  
suggestion.  It turns out that suggestion is unnecessary.  In fact, I  
should have asked the three laurels that I know of about the usage of  
the word before posting such.  For that, I do apologize.

As for being helpful, we all appreciate that.  Your efforts with  
regards to holding the Newcomer's meeting and being a deputy  
Hospitaler are greatly appreciated.   We encourage everyone to  
continue to volunteer their efforts to further their Barony and make  
the SCA as a whole a better place while also remembering to take into  
consideration everyone who plays the game.

Lord Thomas of Weathshear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a Brad Stanley)

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