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Not to harp on an already sore subject, but the title
of MoC and MoAS is "Minister", not "Master" or
"Mistress".  And to get technical, yes, those offices
are granted by the Crown, upon the recommendation of
their Kingdom level Officers.  The title of Minister
is granted by the Crown when the Crown signs the
warrant. Master and Mistress are generally reserved
for peerages. FYI.

I can't say as I particularly like the idea of the
Guild, not that I am saying it is wrong.  I just don't
like the idea of it.  

My point being that most people who have what some
would consider a disability/handicap in the mundane
world, are not considered to have such in Society.  We
(or at least I and most of my friends) have treated
everyone the same in this game, to the point of
telling Mairin to push with her legs to get in the
car, looking for Sir Kief's other boot, letting Anya
"run" over our feet, and telling Dagmar she's driving
us home, just to site a few examples.  

By your calling attention to such matters that we
don't see, you seem to me to be saying that these
people, such as yourself, deserve special compensation
and attention.  Noone likes things like that shoved
down their throats, and that is how it seemed to me. 

And from my experince in the SCA, that is what my
friends (especially those with what would be
considered a "disability") don't want.  They play this
game to get away from all the politically correct
bull, all the "oh, poor you" stares, basically all the
daily mundane crap one deals with if they have a
noticable different physical appearance/impediment. 
And the glorius thing about the SCA is that we accept
them for who they are and what they contribute to this
game; not based on how they look, how they make
themselves mobile, or what ever thing makes them
different.  (If that were the case, I would certainly
qualify, what with all the bad puns, crazy antics,
blunt and to the point commentary, as most anyone
would attest.)

I don't consider anyone in this game to have an
"affliction", unless they do not fully use the mental
capacity and common sense that God gave them.  And,
yes, I have been known from time to time, to have such
an "affliction".  And because of this, I have a
scarlet letter...funny thing that, because it is an
"A" as well (get it??? "A", affliction; An "A",
Annais.  It's a joke son, you're supposed to laugh). 

I know you feel as if you've been shot down.  And you
might have been.  But if I can make one
reccommendation:  get your ducks in a row before
hearding them down the road.  This way, when they
scatter, they just might scatter in the way you want
them to go.


--- Isobel de Kirkbryde <kirkbryde at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thank you for your input.  However, this doesn't
> address people who are called Master of Children or
> Mistress of A&S which are NOT given by crown.
> As far as the Guild, the idea is to create the
> environment in which your lovely lady plays in.  For
> that to happen, there are people who need to be
> educated.  And, even though I also have the
> wonderful
> opportunity to play in Namron, there are times when
> I
> don't know how best to support my fellow SCAdians
> who
> have afflictions.  That is what this guild is about
> not putting a scarlet letter around someone's neck
> who
> doesn't want one.
> I find this frustrating.  Once again, I have tried
> to
> do something I thought would be beneficial and help
> our Barony and the kingdom to be shot down.  Sigh!
> I'll remove that from my signature line and I won't
> bring it up again.  Sorry for the attempt to help. 
> Apparently I was just being a helpful Henry. 
> Isobel
> --- vortmax at cox.net wrote:
> > (key on)
> > 
> > I would also refer to Corpora, Appendix A, pp.
> > 23-24:
> > 
> > "2. The Society’s standard titles are defined in
> (4)
> > below. The Society 
> > recognizes that equivalent titles from other
> > cultures may be more appropriate 
> > for individual members. Such alternate titles may
> be
> > used by those entitled to 
> > the rank or award associated with them, provided
> the
> > College of Arms has 
> > ruled that the title in question is an equivalent
> > for the rank or award in 
> > question. All standard and alternate titles are
> > specific to the Society, and 
> > convey no rank or precedence outside it. They may
> be
> > used in a Society 
> > context only by those who have achieved the
> > appropriate rank or award 
> > within the Society. 
> > 
> > ..
> > 
> > 4. The titles listed here are considered standard,
> > and may be used by those 
> > who have earned or been granted the appropriate
> rank
> > or award within the 
> > Society. The College of Arms publishes a more
> > extensive list of titles and 
> > alternative forms, which may also be used freely
> by
> > qualified persons. In 
> > addition, the College of Arms has full approval
> > authority over new alternative 
> > titles, which must be added to their list before
> > being released for use in the 
> > Society. 
> > 
> > ...
> > 
> > Master/Mistress:   Members of the Orders of the
> > Laurel, the Pelican, 
> > and Mastery of Arms. "
> > 
> > To summarize:  it may not be appropriate to refer
> to
> > one's self as a "master/
> > mistress" until a decree from the Crown has been
> > issued allowing one to be 
> > named as such.
> > 
> > (key off)
> > 
> > Speaking as someone married to one who is
> > "afflicted," this guild might be 
> > not be welcomed by everyone with a disability.  As
> > has been pointed out, 
> > Namron has welcomed with open arms those with
> > disabilities and treated 
> > them like equals.  In particular, my wife enjoys
> the
> > SCA because it allows her 
> > to become "that lady who plays the harp" or "that
> > lady who creates and wears 
> > wonderful Elizabethan garb," not "that lady with
> the
> > terrible affliction whom 
> > we must give special consideration and treatment."
> > 
> > Just something to think about.
> > 
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