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What is a helpful Henry?  I have never heard this expression, and I suspect 
i will not be enamored with the origins either.

Dagmar, mother of a beloved Henry

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> Thank you for your input.  However, this doesn't
> address people who are called Master of Children or
> Mistress of A&S which are NOT given by crown.
> As far as the Guild, the idea is to create the
> environment in which your lovely lady plays in.  For
> that to happen, there are people who need to be
> educated.  And, even though I also have the wonderful
> opportunity to play in Namron, there are times when I
> don't know how best to support my fellow SCAdians who
> have afflictions.  That is what this guild is about
> not putting a scarlet letter around someone's neck who
> doesn't want one.
> I find this frustrating.  Once again, I have tried to
> do something I thought would be beneficial and help
> our Barony and the kingdom to be shot down.  Sigh!
> I'll remove that from my signature line and I won't
> bring it up again.  Sorry for the attempt to help.
> Apparently I was just being a helpful Henry.
> Isobel
> --- vortmax at cox.net wrote:
>> (key on)
>> I would also refer to Corpora, Appendix A, pp.
>> 23-24:
>> "2. The Society's standard titles are defined in (4)
>> below. The Society
>> recognizes that equivalent titles from other
>> cultures may be more appropriate
>> for individual members. Such alternate titles may be
>> used by those entitled to
>> the rank or award associated with them, provided the
>> College of Arms has
>> ruled that the title in question is an equivalent
>> for the rank or award in
>> question. All standard and alternate titles are
>> specific to the Society, and
>> convey no rank or precedence outside it. They may be
>> used in a Society
>> context only by those who have achieved the
>> appropriate rank or award
>> within the Society.
>> ..
>> 4. The titles listed here are considered standard,
>> and may be used by those
>> who have earned or been granted the appropriate rank
>> or award within the
>> Society. The College of Arms publishes a more
>> extensive list of titles and
>> alternative forms, which may also be used freely by
>> qualified persons. In
>> addition, the College of Arms has full approval
>> authority over new alternative
>> titles, which must be added to their list before
>> being released for use in the
>> Society.
>> ...
>> Master/Mistress:   Members of the Orders of the
>> Laurel, the Pelican,
>> and Mastery of Arms. "
>> To summarize:  it may not be appropriate to refer to
>> one's self as a "master/
>> mistress" until a decree from the Crown has been
>> issued allowing one to be
>> named as such.
>> (key off)
>> Speaking as someone married to one who is
>> "afflicted," this guild might be
>> not be welcomed by everyone with a disability.  As
>> has been pointed out,
>> Namron has welcomed with open arms those with
>> disabilities and treated
>> them like equals.  In particular, my wife enjoys the
>> SCA because it allows her
>> to become "that lady who plays the harp" or "that
>> lady who creates and wears
>> wonderful Elizabethan garb," not "that lady with the
>> terrible affliction whom
>> we must give special consideration and treatment."
>> Just something to think about.
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