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Annais.... Chass is not asking to be treated any differently than anyone
else, what he is asking for is for people to think when they are choosing
sites for events.  Imagine needing to go to the bathroom to the point of
bursting, and not being able to enter the bathroom, much less one of the
stalls.  Imagine wanting to attend feast but being unable to enter the
building that feast is being held in.  Imagine sitting in a chair and it
starting to rain, which will short out hte only mode of mobility you have
and having to sit in the rain until someone can FIND someone to help you get
in your cabin because it has a stair and you can't get your chair into it
without assistance.  Imagine trying to go to an event and getting your only
vehicle destroyed just trying to get into the site.  These are NOT special
considerations, they are common sense.  As for the ADA issue, Corpora HAS
made a ruling on it.  the SCA is required to follow all the rules of the
land... including and specifically citing the ADA.  Now if the intent of
choosing sites that are not accessible is an attempt to prevent those in
wheelchairs from attending unless they wish to give up their attempts at
independence, then continue to choose sites that are not accessible and that
require those with disabilities to request assistance to do what able bodied
people do on a daily basis without thought.  If this is NOT the intent,
which I hope is the case, then those who choose the sites need to do a
little more research and educate themselves on what is and isn't accessible.

Lady Elizabeta of Rundel

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> Why are we bringing up the ADA again? This has been
> beaten to death already.  But since you brought it up
> again, Camp Cimarron is a private entity in which  the
> SCA, Inc.-Barony of Namron and other local area groups
> lease property from in order to hold an event.  The
> Camp Fire Girls and Boys Club, a private organization,
> is responsible for maintaining compliance to the ADA
> laws. As a private club, it is exempt from said
> compliance.
> But because of the ADA issue, this matter has been
> sent to SCA Corporate for review.  Since the SCA,
> Inc., as an entity, employs less than 15 people, it
> too is exempt from ADA regulations.  I'm sure we will
> be hearing from Corporate on this matter in the
> future.
> Moot point. Dead horse. Moving on.
> I understand your situation.  You have a voice and you
> use it.  So do others, when they need or want it.  It
> should be up to them to use their voice for
> themselves.  I, for one, do not like having shoved in
> my face that I need to treat someone differently than
> anyone else, unless they prefer said treatment.
> So, which do you prefer to be treated as...
> A Human?
> Or an affliction?
> Pick one, I will be happy to oblige.
> Annais
> Chas wrote:
> Alas this may be true but.... those who go and get
> sites for us to attend
> think not of us who are disabled then we do not get to
> attend... Example:
> Camp Cimmeron.. this site is by no streach of the
> immagination legal nor
> close to complying to the A.D.A. laws of the land but
> it is better than most
> sites used here in oklahoma. At it I can at least get
> into most buildings
> with a little effort. I can mention a site that I had
> to bring ramps to just
> get into the cabin... nothing I have would have gotten
> me into the feast
> hall. Yes there is a need to remind people there are
> those amongst us who
> are unable to get around well. I get sick of reminding
> people of the law....
> I decided about a month ago to just let my attny
> remind them of the law its
> alot easier. I do as much as I can.. even went to
> panther primitives and
> bought a new tent that the friends who camp with us
> can help set up so I
> dont need to keep asking for a cabin, also so I can
> camp closer to the
> action (will still need a hookup to power to charge
> the chair). I do want
> those who go and pick sites to "Think about me" before
> they say yes to a
> site. A few questions they should think on "Will this
> rip the underside out
> form his wheelchair hydrolic van?", "Can his chair fit
> in the bathrooms?",
> "can his chair fit in the handicapped stall or is
> there one?", "Can his
> powered wheelchair get around the site or will he be
> stuck where he is going
> to camp?", "Can he get power in case no cabins are
> avilable to charge his
> chair?". See these are a few of the things that I
> wished people thought of.
> We dont ask for alot just some thought when a site is
> picked (and cimmeron
> isnt a bad site its just rough on the powerchair and
> the bathrooms are hard
> to access and the entry way road dented my hydrolic
> tank under the van). Not
> a rant just defending a lady with a grand cause and
> working on doing the
> right thing.  Now having said that, I dont like to nor
> want to ask people
> for help when I should be able to take care of myself.
> Getting stuck in my
> powerchair while trying to navigate a site is not only
> emberassing but down
> right dangerous, allow me to explain.. its time for me
> to get my cath... I
> am full to the point of pain.... cant get cathed in
> time and get bleed back
> into my kidneys due to the wife having to run and get
> help for me getting
> stuck. Now you may ask.. why is he full to the point
> of pain... thats the
> only way I know when I need to get relief is when my
> bladder puts pressure
> on something I can feel and like almost everyone I
> forget off and on to
> remind her when its time for a cathing. Our barony
> does try to take care of
> those of us who are limited in mobility... I know
> there are more handicapped
> accessable sites... Robers cave for one... and a few
> more once upon a time
> when people were saying they couldnt find sites I did
> the research and gave
> a list. Again this isnt a flameing.. this is simple
> fact. Pookinator has
> offered (threatened more like it lol) to push me
> around sites when he see's
> me, which I appreciate cause I know his heart is as
> big as he is, but again
> saying when I have a powerchair that can surmount a 4
> inch curb and I cant
> get around... So lets calm down and not flame one
> another and agree more can
> be done. I do want my friends to look at me and not my
> chair. I do suggest
> that those looking at sites try and take someone in a
> powerchair or borrow
> one and see if they can get around the site... Just a
> suggestion though.
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