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And on that note I am dropping this conversation. It is going to degenerate
into bashing and I want no part of that.

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>      Pssst for your information and from my attny.. the justice department
> and etc.. They rent the property for events do therefore they are not a
> private entity. We checked into this after the Gulf war debate. The Site
> legally responsable if they rent it for use to make it accessable. My
> in makeing this was I have personally sent out sites that were accessable
> and some cheaper than the sites being used and as large.. and it got
> ignored. As I said if it was for use only for Boyscouts they might be able
> to claim private entity but even then the Govt has made a ruleing that
> them they are not exempt from the Federal law passed over 12 years ago,
> plenty of time to get a site up to code eh? Yes I know The SITE is
> responsable for maintaining the site to code, but I have given sites that
> are accessbile, EVERYONE gripes about cimmeron.. why is it still used?
> Corpra has already released a statement on the A.D.A. and it was "We are
> exempt from the A.D.A. and will follow the rules and laws of the land" :)
> am a human who has a affliction. I do not want anything special from
> just a thought when picking a site. If that is too much let me know I will
> go to events elsewhere other than the region I live in. Even the roughest
> site I have been at in the central region was 10x better than Cimmeron.
>      I dont know how this turned into a Us and them thread.. but I for one
> think her heart was in the right spot why such a fuss? If you are that
> sensative about being handicapped go to counseling. I am not a poor pity
> man... I do everything I can and then some.. tis y I fall and get hurt so
> much trying to transferre and use forarm crutches. I am independent... I
> dont want to lose that.. picking piss poor sites removes my independence
> makes me dependant upon others. Only 2 groups are exempt from the A.D.A.;
> Churches (and if they own camp grounds the camp has to be compliant), and
> groups that existed before 1960 and have the ability to exclude people on
> the grounds of race, sex and religion (and yes a few of them remain). Is
> SCA either one of these?? Nope they are not. I am the one who dragged this
> issue before Corpra and the President of the SCA. They debated, talked to
> their attnys and had to admit nope they are not exempt. Do not flame me
> that is not what this thread is for. Prey tell why would you wish to label
> people?  Our rights are written and supposed to be guranteed. All I was
> asking for was a little consideration when picking sites.
> Charinthalis Del Sans aka Chass the Arse
> Muddeler of Mead, Ailement of Ale, Whiner of Wine

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