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     Pssst for your information and from my attny.. the justice department
and etc.. They rent the property for events do therefore they are not a
private entity. We checked into this after the Gulf war debate. The Site is
legally responsable if they rent it for use to make it accessable. My point
in makeing this was I have personally sent out sites that were accessable
and some cheaper than the sites being used and as large.. and it got
ignored. As I said if it was for use only for Boyscouts they might be able
to claim private entity but even then the Govt has made a ruleing that tells
them they are not exempt from the Federal law passed over 12 years ago,
plenty of time to get a site up to code eh? Yes I know The SITE is
responsable for maintaining the site to code, but I have given sites that
are accessbile, EVERYONE gripes about cimmeron.. why is it still used?
Corpra has already released a statement on the A.D.A. and it was "We are not
exempt from the A.D.A. and will follow the rules and laws of the land" :) I
am a human who has a affliction. I do not want anything special from yall...
just a thought when picking a site. If that is too much let me know I will
go to events elsewhere other than the region I live in. Even the roughest
site I have been at in the central region was 10x better than Cimmeron.
     I dont know how this turned into a Us and them thread.. but I for one
think her heart was in the right spot why such a fuss? If you are that
sensative about being handicapped go to counseling. I am not a poor pity
man... I do everything I can and then some.. tis y I fall and get hurt so
much trying to transferre and use forarm crutches. I am independent... I
dont want to lose that.. picking piss poor sites removes my independence and
makes me dependant upon others. Only 2 groups are exempt from the A.D.A.;
Churches (and if they own camp grounds the camp has to be compliant), and
groups that existed before 1960 and have the ability to exclude people on
the grounds of race, sex and religion (and yes a few of them remain). Is the
SCA either one of these?? Nope they are not. I am the one who dragged this
issue before Corpra and the President of the SCA. They debated, talked to
their attnys and had to admit nope they are not exempt. Do not flame me for
that is not what this thread is for. Prey tell why would you wish to label
people?  Our rights are written and supposed to be guranteed. All I was
asking for was a little consideration when picking sites.

Charinthalis Del Sans aka Chass the Arse
Muddeler of Mead, Ailement of Ale, Whiner of Wine

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> Why are we bringing up the ADA again? This has been
> beaten to death already.  But since you brought it up
> again, Camp Cimarron is a private entity in which  the
> SCA, Inc.-Barony of Namron and other local area groups
> lease property from in order to hold an event.  The
> Camp Fire Girls and Boys Club, a private organization,
> is responsible for maintaining compliance to the ADA
> laws. As a private club, it is exempt from said
> compliance.
> But because of the ADA issue, this matter has been
> sent to SCA Corporate for review.  Since the SCA,
> Inc., as an entity, employs less than 15 people, it
> too is exempt from ADA regulations.  I'm sure we will
> be hearing from Corporate on this matter in the
> future.
> Moot point. Dead horse. Moving on.
> I understand your situation.  You have a voice and you
> use it.  So do others, when they need or want it.  It
> should be up to them to use their voice for
> themselves.  I, for one, do not like having shoved in
> my face that I need to treat someone differently than
> anyone else, unless they prefer said treatment.
> So, which do you prefer to be treated as...
> A Human?
> Or an affliction?
> Pick one, I will be happy to oblige.
> Annais

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