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I would have to agree, although I've not been to Camp
Cimmeron as of yet, that Camp E-Koh Wah was quite
lovely and enjoyable.  And, even though I could see
problems with non wheelchair accessable areas, I'm
sure the fine men of the barony who are hany with a
hammer and saw, could quickly throw together a few
portable ramps that might be brought to the various
events just in case.

To anyone in genral that might benefit or care for
what I'm going to say....

I'm no expert, and have not been part of the planning
of the guild in question, but I truly don't believe
any harm was meant by it.  Some folks have various
degrees of physical and other challenges in thier
lives.  Some are wonderfully independant and can
conquer mountains, while others may enjoy the company
and support of a network of others in similar
situations or experience with similar situations.  And
I'm sure the term "affliction" was probably used in an
effort to make the post sound "old timey".  If we sit
around and play "my
pain/challenge/dissability/ability/ etc...is
better/worse than yours!" what good will come of it?  

We all have certain burdens to bear in this life and
we all must bear them in whichever way works best for
each individual.  I am no expert in the ADA, have NO
medical knowledge whatsoever, and am certainly no
psychologist.  I greatly understand, as a parent,
Agnese's point, and I understand, as a previously
healthy and active person who is dealing with
overcoming a lot of pain she's not quite used to yet,
the interest in an organization that discusses the
needs of people with difficult situations.

There are some in our barony who have physical
challanges beyond anything I've ever experienced, and
they overcome them with such style, strength and
courage...they and their families are so very
impressive to me, and I'm sure you all know who you
are!  But, then there are others, like myself, who are
not yet so strong and are interested in theraputic
ointments, exercises, and learning about dealing with
stuff and all that.

Namron is a passionate barony, a loving barony, a
great barony. We have room for everyone.  I'm very
proud to be one of the barony of Namron and wish all
of you the best of love and happiness....

that being said.  Play nice.


With much love to all, 


--- Grimmie <ldgrimhun at cox.net> wrote:

> We could reserve the 2 storage rooms in the Conodge
> as A.D.A. rooms (first come first get). They are
> near Feast, Most Courts, restrooms, Merchants, the
> way to list field is not that bad (better than
> DaKaNi), New septic system, warm in the winter, and
> dry when it rains. I have used them several times
> they are very nice to use and a King has used them
> too. Now yes I hate Cimmeron it was to far (drove
> there for 10 years, (more than Namron was using it),
> the cabins are to far (I do not walk down to them or
> use them), I even got a ticket at the speed trap
> town (There is a new road bypassing the towns and
> dangerous curves). The new site E-Ko-Wah, Marlow, OK
> it is a whole lot better and closer to ME (LOL).
> Grimmie>
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