[Namron] was Guild of Camillus de Lellis now Accessible sites

Lisa silvina at allegiance.tv
Mon Sep 26 22:32:40 PDT 2005

> Now it's your turn. Put your money where your mouth
> is. Find us a site that is better, that is ADA
> compliant, that is reasonable in cost.
> We'll talk.

Let's see... for one the site that the Canton of Rundel used for it's last
Margrave... Robbers Cave State Park.  It may not be 100% ADA compliant,  but
it comes a lot closer to it than Cimmaron.  You also don't have to deal with
having your event postponed because the boy scouts wanted the site for that
weekend.  I believe that Arrowhead Park is also much closer to being
accessible than Cimmaron.  The site that was used for Beltaine, Lake Murray
State Park group camps, near Ardmore has issues, but at least you can get
into and out of it without destroying your vehicle and the paths are in good
repair so that someone in a wheelchair isn't condemned to sitting in their
camp waiting for people to come to them.  Not to mention that a portable
ramp would go a long way towards making Lake Murray more accessible.  There
are 2 other sites near McAlester that I know of that are accessible to those
in wheelchairs.  Give me a few days and I will get contact information for
you.  Most of these sites cost less than Camp Cimmaron.  Also all of these
sites allow alcohol as long as you follow the laws regarding it, so you
would not have to have a dry site.  I do realise that all of these sites are
a bit of a drive from you, but we make that same drive when we come to an
event.  Not to mention that the 4 sites near McAlester are close enough for
us to check them out physically, and I grew up in Ardmore and am familiar
with the site there.  You challenged me to find sites that are accessible
and within the Barony's budget, here you go.  Also, since McAlester is
within the Barony's boundaries, most of these sites are also within the
boundaries of the Barony.

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