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Can you tell me why "Event Stewards" can not even discribe a site when
specific questions are asked?  I have had this happen 3 times.

How are the mobility impaired to Arrange for Special needs, when noone
can even tell you what the site has?  Maybe your "Research" should
include actually finding out what a site has.

keep that in mind please.



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  Again, really dead stinky smelly decaying
  horse(reminds of a parrot skit I once saw on the

  We in Namron have understood this to be a problem.

  We have looked to find sites that are better
  accessible for those with mobility problems.

  We haven't been able to find any. I've looked. My
  friends have looked. Many, many people in this Barony
  and in the North have looked.

  Now it's your turn. Put your money where your mouth
  is. Find us a site that is better, that is ADA
  compliant, that is reasonable in cost.

  We'll talk.

  Until then we will just have to deal with what we
  have. And those in wheelchairs or with mobility
  problems, will have to make arrangements/bring support
  staff/whatever needs to be done in order to attend.

  That's just the way it is.

  It's not a deliberate slight to keep those with
  mobility issues away from the SCA. It's an
  unfortunate issue that we must deal with every time
  any event steward selects a site for an event.


  --- Lisa wrote:

  > Annais.... Chass is not asking to be treated any
  > differently than anyone
  > else, what he is asking for is for people to think
  > when they are choosing
  > sites for events. Imagine needing to go to the
  > bathroom to the point of
  > bursting, and not being able to enter the bathroom,
  > much less one of the
  > stalls. Imagine wanting to attend feast but being
  > unable to enter the
  > building that feast is being held in. Imagine
  > sitting in a chair and it
  > starting to rain, which will short out hte only mode
  > of mobility you have
  > and having to sit in the rain until someone can FIND
  > someone to help you get
  > in your cabin because it has a stair and you can't
  > get your chair into it
  > without assistance. Imagine trying to go to an
  > event and getting your only
  > vehicle destroyed just trying to get into the site. These are NOT
  > considerations, they are common sense. As for the
  > ADA issue, Corpora HAS
  > made a ruling on it. the SCA is required to follow
  > all the rules of the
  > land... including and specifically citing the ADA. Now if the
  intent of
  > choosing sites that are not accessible is an attempt
  > to prevent those in
  > wheelchairs from attending unless they wish to give
  > up their attempts at
  > independence, then continue to choose sites that are
  > not accessible and that
  > require those with disabilities to request
  > assistance to do what able bodied
  > people do on a daily basis without thought. If this
  > is NOT the intent,
  > which I hope is the case, then those who choose the
  > sites need to do a
  > little more research and educate themselves on what
  > is and isn't accessible.
  > Lady Elizabeta of Rundel

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