[Namron] Guild of Camillus de Lellis

Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Fri Sep 30 18:53:27 PDT 2005

On Sep 30, 2005, at 6:02 PM, Radei Drchevich wrote:

> Can you tell me why "Event Stewards" can not even discribe a site  
> when specific questions are asked?  I have had this happen 3 times.

Since the Event Stewards proposed the site in their bid, they should  
be able to answer questions regarding the site, or have the contact  
information for the site so they can ask the site owners for the  
requested information.

If any Event Steward hosting an future event in the Barony of Namron  
cannot answer specific questions about a Namron event site, or refuse  
to offer to find answers about said site, then please do not hesitate  
to contact me and I will find the answers (as well as let the Event  
Stewards, who become my deputies during their stewardship, know that  
I had to do their jobs).

Lord Thomas of Weathshear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a Brad Stanley)

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