[Namron] Beltane and brewing?

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If the primary ingredient of the beverage is fruit, it could be entered as a wine.  You'd just have to explain in your
documentation  why you substituted ingredients, if any, and try to make sure your substitutions are period, if possible, and be able to document it as such.  The documentation part, I'll admit, can be perplexing.  I tried to come up with a better way to word the rules, but after review, I realized that the wording was as straight forward as it could get without making it even more confusing. Don't let the documentation part intimidate you, or keep you from entering. I am pleased that you are interested in competing.
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>The rules say I can enter as a C catagory (wine) (my Melomel Blackberry 
>Wine) due to the fact I actually follow a wine recipe that is period but I 
>substitute the sugar for honey (thus making it a melomel aka Honey Wine), 
>and still be able to enter my plain Mead as a Mead Correct? Since it is 2 
>seperate items correct? Just need a little clearification on the rules.....
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>> question to settle a disagreement with a friend of ours... according to
>> research, Melomel is considered a fruit mead, my memory of the brewing 
>> rules
>> is that Melomel is considered a wine?  Please clarify for my sanity. :)
>> Elizabeta of Rundel
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