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Marion Makkingze johnsonds at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 20 16:36:43 PST 2006

Hi guys, thanks for all the wonderful messages so far.  I really appreciate
all of your support.  I have a couple of small corrections to make to the
message my loving Lord Husband sent this morning.
Mom had Alzimers for about 10 years, and went peacefully at 5:30 this
morning, Monday Feb. 20.  Kind of fitting, she died on Presidents day of the
same disease that took President Reagan.  Visitation will be on Thursday,
beginning around 8 am, with the services at 2 pm.  There will be no grave
side, as they have opted for cremation.
Once again thank you.  And I hope to see you all soon.
Lady Marion Makkingze
House Wolfstar
johnsonds at earthlink.net

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Subject: [Wiesenfeuer] News about Marion's mother

Greetings all,
     I know this is kind of a broadband but I am sending this out for
Lady Marion Makkingze, Wiesenfeuer Reeve
johnsonds at earthlink.net

       This Tuesday morning at about 5:30 Marion's mother passed away.  Many
if not all know that Mary had been sick for a long time.  This weekend at
CoW we received word that time was drawing near.  We both appreciate all the
support so many of you have been giving.  The funeral will be at Resthaven
Funeral Home - South, at 2:00 on Thursday Feb. 23.  There will be viewing at
the funeral home starting at 2:00.   You can contact Marion at the above
e-mail.  Marion is MKA Debbie Johnson and her mother was Mary Wells.   Thank
You All.
Thomas Quilliam

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