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Fri Feb 24 06:32:34 PST 2006

Your post really effected me this morning, as did your
expression of dispair and frustration for these
children.  I really felt your worry and concern for
them, and I share that with you. God bless you for
caring so much.

As to the reason why this epidemic runs rampant in our
land, I would only suggest that many, many, many
children today practically raise themselves.  Too many
parents are too busy with their own interests, lives,
careers, troubles, to pay attention to what is going
on in thier kids lives.  As long as the kid's not
bothering them, they're happy.

When my Bjorn and I met and fell in love, we both
recognized in each other another "throw away" kid. 
Our parents weren't interested in our lives as youths,
weren't participating in our school events, summer
sports, or anything.  

In my own experience, if I wanted to do something
interesting that required my parents to take ANY time
out of their schedule it was nipped in the bud.  Bjorn
was next to the youngest in a family of 5 kids with an
over-achieving executive father and a clinically
depressed and virtually absent mother. We were both
just in our parent's way.  

When Bjorn and I fell in love and decided to marry and
bring kids into this world we spent two years of our
engagement discussing what we did NOT want our kids to
go through and what we did NOT want our marriage to
become.  To put it in a nutshell, if our kids wanted
our attention they got it.  If they needed discipline,
they got it.  And if they showed any interest or
talent in anything, we encouraged and supported it.

22 years later we have two great kids who are talented
and excited about life and going on to do great things
in their future, and a marriage that is stronger than
ever.  We can't wait to see our kids through college,
married, and getting grandkids to spoil and teach and

That's basically the secret, love, attention, and
loads of time.  That's what the kids in your class are
missing from their parents.  And it's probably what
their parents were missing from their own parents
growing up.  And it's just going to get worse.

So, what do WE do about it?  Start being available to
the kids that need us, in addition to our own kids. 
Be a mentor, be a friend, be someone they can talk to,
someone to cheer them on, someone to encourage them
when they think no one else will.  You don't have to
be a member of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, but if
there's a chapter near you, that's a great way to
start.  There are churches that welcome help in their
youth outreach, schools that look for mentors,
community centers, etc...  AND we have our great big
family of Namron that I have found to be most warm,
welcoming and encouraging for the most part.

As our beloved Pookster contstantly preaches...it's
all about the Love.  Love of the Dream, love of our
friends, love of family and love for any lost child
who needs us.  So, find a kid and offer your
friendship.  I'm a second mom to more kids than I can
count around here. And, anyways, being around so many
younguns helps keep ME young!


--- Kathryn Gordon <kathrynelainegordon at yahoo.com>

> Today in school I was speechless, we talked about
> street durgs.  The younger kids in class 18,19 etc.
> answered most of the questions.  When asked "Why
> have you dealt them" the answer was not suprizing,
> "money, status power".  They told us how to make
> street drugs which was not suprizing.  But when
> asked "Why do you do drugs" they answered "to make
> the world go away and have a euprohia feeling". When
> asked "but aren't your problems still there when you
> come down" the answer was "yes that's why you try to
> stay high".  When I asked "but isn't there something
> else you could do to get the same feeling". The
> answer "yes but why I am going to die anyway".
>   I got the same answer over and over. "But why I am
> going to die anyway" and the drug we were talking
> about was mainly pot.
>   Parents some of these kids started feeling this
> way at age 7 please, please talk to your kids.  This
> is a serious problem, I don't know what the answer
> is but we have to try and do something to let them
> know the world doesn't have to be all dark and
> gloomy.
> Kathryn Gordon 
> Lady Kathryn atte Unicorn 
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