[Namron] Official or not (it's merely pining for the fjords)

Barat barat at cox.net
Mon Feb 27 09:42:33 PST 2006

Or we get one of our computer whiz kids to set up an autodialer  
program on a computer with a modem.

We record one message and send it out to the phone list.

I have seen software such as this that lets a user phone the  
computer, punch in a password, record a message, then select which  
phone group the message goes to (all members, just members of the  
OHSS, the a&s crowd, brewers, whatever).

Donnachadh, up to giving this a try?


H.L. Barat FitzWalter Reynolds
M.K.A. Stephen Pursley
Barony of Namron
Kingdom of Ansteorra

On Feb 27, 2006, at 10:47 AM, Samarrah bint Annaan wrote:

> I like your idea of an outgoing message on an
> answering machine.  If we could have a member willing
> to change their outgoing message everytime we have a
> change and then other members could call that one
> number to check on the meeting status.  I would
> volunteer, but my number is long distance to everyone.
> (sorry).
> --- Matthias the Brewer <matthiasthebrewer at cox.net>
> wrote:
>> I promise, I don't have any money like that laying
>> around.
>> Welcome back Bubba.  Long time no read.
>> When I was in the Marine Corps, we had a "frost
>> call" system.  The Platoon
>> sergeants called the squad leaders (or section
>> heads), who called their
>> subordinates, who called their subordinates, and so
>> forth ad nauseum.  And
>> even this system had problems and was not 100%
>> effective.
>> I think it might be worth finding a way to post the
>> information.  Be it on
>> the Web site, or on an answering machine (which
>> would have a recording
>> announcing the current plan/changes), or something
>> like that.
>> HOWEVER, I think we've beaten this dead horse to
>> death and beyond.  We've
>> gone way past the point where we've established that
>> some of us perceive a
>> problem to exist. Let's quit bitching and wanking
>> about this, and solve the
>> problem.
>> Does anyone have a solution for this?  A way to
>> communicate to diverse
>> people across half the state?  And it has to be easy
>> and cheap.
>> Any takers?
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>> pining for the fjords)
>> RESPONSE.  And I know the Senechal and I are not on
>> the best of terms, But I
>> had to ask for the location 5 hours before the last
>> meeting.  nothing had
>> been said.  weather called for freezing rain and
>> nothing had been said.  I
>> ended up not being able to attend because we had
>> freezing rain here 85 miles
>> from Norman.  And if you note, I stated I would be
>> willing to contribute to
>> the cost of the room, I think most would rather than
>> have to go to a
>> restaurant and feel oblagated to order food.
>> Even the Herald doesn't answer e-mails. so why post
>> e-mail addresses at
>> all??
>> joy
>> radei
>> First off, just because you've sent an email doesn't
>> mean that it got there.
>> I send emails all the time that are trapped in spam
>> filters, that get
>> "accidentally" deleted, or just disappear into the
>> ether that is the
>> Internet that we know and love.  If I was trying to
>> decide if I should make
>> a two-hour drive in inclement weather, I would *not*
>> be counting on an email
>> message.
>> I don't live in Namron, of course.  I love to come
>> home and visit my Society
>> family and friends there.  And I try to keep up on
>> what's going on by
>> information inputs like this mailing list.  I don't
>> think "we can't find a
>> regular place to have a meeting" is a new issue...it
>> was going on 10, 15,
>> and 20 years ago when I was there.  And I suspect
>> it'll continue long after
>> I'm gone.  Unless the Barony is going to go and
>> purchase something (and I'm
>> betting Matthias doesn't have that much money laying
>> around), this issue
>> will continue.
>> Radei, we haven't met yet.  The only impressions I'm
>> getting of you is what
>> I see here on the list, and so far I'm
>> under-impressed.  I appreciate the
>> fact that you have to make an extra effort to
>> participate, but it seems like
>> you have a lot of gripes about how things are going.
>>  If I was a baronial
>> officer, and I was getting constant emails from
>> someone, and they were
>> growing to be a larger pain in the neck over time, I
>> might start
>> "accidentally" deleting them too.  I won't speak for
>> Thomas, since he has
>> been (to my experience) a very professional baronial
>> seneschal.  I'm
>> guessing he's not going out of his way to dodge you,
>> but he may also be in a
>> position where he can't easily reply to your
>> messages.  As a start, the man
>> works in the field of meteorology, so inclement
>> weather may be a busy time
>> for him regardless of what else is going on.
>> I certainly don't want to infringe upon anyone's
>> desire to sit around and
>> bitch.  I do it, all the time.  Just be aware that
>> bitching on a mailing
>> list like this, "official" or not, is likely a form
>> of mental masturbation.
>> I wouldn't count on the world to change because of
>> it.
>> Care, Bubba
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