[Namron] pop tonight

Jennifer fairefolk at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 22:32:42 PDT 2007

Hey Lady Isobel,
I hope everything with Dean works out ok, sorry to
hear that he hurt himself so.
Keep us informed on how he is doing. If you need
anything don't hesitate to ask. 
My phone number is 405-395-9359.
Lady Lucrezia
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> I apologize for missing pop tonight.  Dean injured
> his ankle at  school -- looks like it may be torn
> tendons.  We took him to  urgent care.  We didn't
> get home until 8 pm.  He is on  crutches with ice,
> rest and Lortab.  Wunnerful pain meds.  lol.  We'll
> see how he is by Friday.  If not better it is off 
> to the orthopedist.  Anyway, I just didn't want
> folks to think we  were hiding. :>D
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