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Thu Apr 5 07:57:40 PDT 2007

Greetings all!!
            I would like to publicly inform everyone of some  recent changes to the calendar, and to some new additions!
            This weekend, April 8th ( I know, it is Easter) there WILL be a fighter practice at Reeves Park.  Come on out and support the Barony if you are not busy! This will also serve as an informal Newcomers Meeting. (2 pm)
This Tuesday, April 10th, will be not only the Fighter Practice in OKC, but also a sewing night!  There are tables there, as well as some sewing machines.  Bring your fabrics, your favorite machines, your thread, your scissors and your patterns! There will be plenty of room for cutting and sewing! (all are invited) This will take place anytime after 5 or so, at Sellers Rec Center, which is located on S Villa and 82nd. 
            Friday, April 13th will be the Ladies Sewing night at the Maysville Public Library (not an official gathering).  This will  be women only.  Bring your favorite pop, movies, dvd’s, and all sewing accoutrements.  If you have nothing that needs to be sewn (yeah, right!!) then I am asking that people bring any fabric that they think might work for loaner garb.  I am working on replenishing the Baronial Loaner Garb with some better pieces (it seems that some of our pieces have become worse for the wear over the past years). 
            Sunday, April 15th, there will be a Populace in the Park, at 2pm  at Reeves Park.  I ask that everyone come in garb, and bring something foodlike to share with everyone else!  This will be the first official Newcomers Meet and Greet for Namron after Medieval Fair (not the official every month or week time yet, we are still deciding). Also, be aware that I am inviting Mooneschadowe, Northkeep Weisenfuer, Skorrgard and Eldern Hills all to this.  I hope to have a lot of people and even more food!!!
            Then, April 28th, there will be a bonfire at Bjornstead.  I don’t have those directions, but I am sure that if you asked really  nice, Sami or Bjorn would love to give you directions.  
            I believe that is all for now.  If anyone has any questions, let me know!  Also, if people want to reply to me personally what they want to bring to the Populace in the Park, I will try to co-ordinate it.  BUT, we still may end up with 100 lbs of Potato salad.  I am just saying!!
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