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Samarrah bint Annaan samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 14:40:35 PDT 2007

Unto the populous of the Greate and Beautiful Barony of Namron, and it's lands to the east and southe, the Canton of Skorragardr and the country folke what hath been knowne as Kuhneigan.  All ye with ears to heare and hearts to listen, draw near and paye heede to the word fame of which I seek to bring unto you.

Upon this very past weeks end, unto the dwelling of Lord Orlando and Lady Katarina di Gilead, which is nestled in the wildnerness that one must cross to bridge the chasim betwixt our fair Namron and our belovede Wiesenfuer cousins to the north, there was I brought forth with maney a bagge and baskette of finely crafte flora of which there were an abundance of purplish and greenlye colours.

These sacks and bags of silken pettles were lifted from my shoulders and I was given rest at the home of the di Gilead clan.  Thereby I beheld four ladies, fair of heart, light of voice, and cheerful in their labour, sitting 'round yon oak table with blossomse and shears in hand.  The ladies were but those of mine own barony, being the Honerable Lady Adena Terricsdottir, Lady Katarina di Gilead, of whose hospitality we thereby were taking, a lady Julia of the Fair Haired, and mine own sister of the heart, the Lady Lu"crazia" di Gilead, the beloved.

Within but a few hours of industry, I and these ladies of good name and family, did make lovely and large bouquets of flowering silk flowers and many, many rosebuds and orchids to pin above the hearts of the gentlemen they were intended for, so that the wedding of my dear and only daughter, Heather, (remembered by those in these lands as Michaella the Mer-guard), to her intended, (the brave, kind, stoic, and frightfully stuck in the mundane Randy of the Woodsmen), may be filled with loveliness and colour and joy upon the 26th day of May in this year.

But let us also not forget the kindness and generosity of Lady  Jacqueline Reynolds and her husband of but weeks and days, the one and only  Honorable Lord Barat FitzWalter Reynolds.  They, being newly wed themselves, are bestowing upon my fair daughter the use of their many and varied decorations from their own handfasting to brighten the chapel in which my child is to be wed.

Oh, yea, to ye who hear these words that I speak forth upon the magical waves of light unto the boxes into which we all peer, seeking the answers to the important questions of life, (like "who hath but shot the rogue J.R." or "by chance doth the wife of yon buggish English Bard dance gracefully upon her wooden leg?"), know that I shall praise and spread word fame for these of whom I spake.  

And know also that there are many of whom have given oaths to share their talents for my daughters wedding..and soon I shall be spreading forth word fame for them as well....

But, alas, I have taken so much of your time, and hath but used up the time that was mine own.  So, farewell for now, and thank you Lucrezia, Katarina, Adena, Julie, and Jaqueline for all that you have done for my little girl.

...much more to follow upon yon later date.

Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah 
God be with you in every pass. Jesus be with you on every hill. Spirit be with you in every stream, headland, ridge and law, each sea and land, each moor and meadow, lying down and rising up,in the trough of the waves or on the crest of the billow. Each step of the journey you go, go with God.

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