[Namron] Newby-Type Dumb Question about Names

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 10 17:53:45 PDT 2007

group names go through a tougher process,but it is supposedly the same,,lol 
Skorradardr means skirmish farm.a skald is norse 
teacher,priest,historian,law speaker

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>Subject: [Namron] Newby-Type Dumb Question about Names
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>I am working somewhat slowly on creating my personna and name and in the
>process was wondering about group names.  Do group names go through the 
>sort of review as personal names?  It wasn't too hard, even for me, to
>figure out that "Namron" is Norman rearranged.  Is there anything more to 
>like a reference to an historical place, etc.  And what does "Skorragardr"
>mean and where did the name come from.  What's a "Skald?"  Wiesenfeuer?
>Lastly, what does
>the name Ansteorra signify?  I want to know these things so I don't get
>stumped when playing SCA Trivial Pursuits.
>For now I remain simply,
>David, the newby
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>on Planet Earth
>in the Milky Way Galaxy
>somewhere at the edge of the Universe
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