[Namron] Newby-Type Dumb Question about Names

David H- stonefiddle05 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 10 15:26:33 PDT 2007

I am working somewhat slowly on creating my personna and name and in the
process was wondering about group names.  Do group names go through the same
sort of review as personal names?  It wasn't too hard, even for me, to
figure out that "Namron" is Norman rearranged.  Is there anything more to it
like a reference to an historical place, etc.  And what does "Skorragardr"
mean and where did the name come from.  What's a "Skald?"  Wiesenfeuer?   
Lastly, what does
the name Ansteorra signify?  I want to know these things so I don't get
stumped when playing SCA Trivial Pursuits.

For now I remain simply,

David, the newby
of the Incipient Canton of Skorragardr
Part-time resident (for now) of
the Baronies of Namron (S-S)
and also Northkeep (M-F)
in the Northern Region
of the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
In the Northern Hemisphere
on Planet Earth
in the Milky Way Galaxy
somewhere at the edge of the Universe

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