[Namron] Your Accessibility at Namron's Beltane Event

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 13 15:13:47 PDT 2007

Thank You very much!
That warmed MY Heart and made ME feel all comfy inside.

MY Heart glows with The~Love I have for all of you and Our DREAM.

Imbue and bask; imbue and bask...,

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>We Love you POOKIE!
>On 4/13/07, Lord Pooky <lord_pooky at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Greetings of Hope and Happiness,
>>I write you this day as the Accessibility Liaison for Namron's Beltane
>>If you are planning to attend Namron's Beltane event and have any
>>handicapped or medical situations which might have needs you would like
>>addressed please contact ME, privately.
>>I am gathering information concerning specific accessibility needs or
>>desires people may have and then sharing that information with the Beltane
>>Event Stewards.  The event stewards are incorporating those needs and
>>desires into their event planning.
>>For those of you who have already contacted me though feel I have not
>>responded to you adequately or feel your concerns have not been fully
>>addressed, PLEASE contact me again.
>>If there are ways I may make your Beltane event more accommodating or fun,
>>PLEASE contact me off-list.
>>Yours in Service for THE~DREAM,
>>Lord Pukhta " Pooky " Lovvek ~ Accessibility Liaison for the Loving Barony
>>of Namron's Beltane Event
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>Love is the answer.
>aka Veronique

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