[Namron] Momzillamatrimonial Planitis

Lisa ladyemp at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 13 18:52:44 PDT 2007

I have a good source for relieving Momzillamatrimonial Planitis.... go to
this webpage and laugh your arse off... it's all about ettiquette mistakes
and abuses.



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> Lady Samarrah wrote:
> > I'm suffering from a full blown case of Momzillamatrimonial Planitis....
do you think there's anything that will help ME?
> >
> > :o)
> >
> > Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah
> >  (Who is sleep deprived and done lost her mind)
> Unfortunately, there is no cure for "Momzillamatrimonial Planitis"
> except shooting the groom.  If that isn't an option, you are just going
> to have to let it run it course.  You can do a few things to make
> yourself more comfortable, though.  Find an embarrassing baby picture of
> her and have it printed poster size.  Threaten her with using it as a
> backdrop.  Consider using discount Halloween decorations for the
> reception.  You don't actually have to purchase them; it is simply the
> "consideration" part that will warm your stomach and loosen the tension
> around your heart.  And if all else fails, think back many years to your
> own wedding and wonder why your mother didn't shoot your groom...
> Ulfie
> ... who in two months and a week will have been married to roughly the
> same woman for twenty years. "Roughly" because in all those years we've
> changed each other and with each other.  Yeah, I'm mushy. Get over it.
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