[Namron] Beltane Gate Shifts

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Jacqueline, :-)
  We don't have a time schedule per se, and if we did it would be out the window in no time flat, :-)... 
  The games field and Hall have lots planned for them,  and we have only so much space to spread out, some things overlap, and some things can't begin until others conclude, We have a flow chart... and plans to shift things if needed... We're looking for an 8am wake-up call, and we have the Crown to consider as far as Courts, etc, so we're hoping for a Morning Court to begin around 9 to 9:30  which will include the May Pole, Choosing of May Queen and Spang Princess, and the presenting and eating of the Sun Cake, and then the Tug-o-War Challenge...And the Dragon after that...then lots more overlapping, it's contingent on how long it takes to do each thing...Archery and Thrown weapons pretty much all day, until they get sick of it usually...
  It might be helpful 'If ' we move Gate to the Hall after 12 pm, less isolation and loneliness during the doldrums of those hours for all concerned, :-)... 
  We are not allowing pavilions between the outer edges of the games field up to the front of  the Hall so having the gate on the porch from wake-up til Noon would still allow the crew to socialize and see some of what's going on, plus have better access to the 'amenities', :-) 
  There will be a 'Big Map' at the gate with everything marked after we get there early and see where things 'really are', the Map we have doesn't have the new bath house, the RV slots, the Family Camp with hookups, as well as other things, :-)
  I'll have a tentative map at pop, and a line-up of activities and I'll try to ballpark the guestimated whens for things...'Stacia :-)

Jacqueline Reynolds <jacqueline_reynolds at cox.net> wrote:
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  At the next Pop meeting, can you have a schedule of events with tentative times ready to distribute that evening?  It would help me greatly, if I knew what was going to happen & when it will happen that weekend.  A copy of a map would also be nice to have handy.
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  Right now we're shooting for in the evening after Lunch for the Brewing, :-)...'Stacia

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    Jaq we will be there all weekend. Probably showing up early on Friday. Friday troll would be fine with me. Wife said Friday would also be fine with her. I have no idea on the brewing competition. I don’t think there is a Schedule yet.


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    I need a little more information.  Will you be staying the whole weekend or day-tripping?  If staying the weekend, would you rather have a Friday evening or Saturday early morning shift?  Does your wife want a Friday evening or early Saturday morning shift?  What time is the brewing competition on Saturday?





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