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liz wilkerson thevintagefloozy at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 17:37:03 PST 2007

 I came home this afternoon to round up the rest of my poor frozen kitties to ship them off to another friends place with power, when lo! 
 The lights were on. 
 Yes I did the happy dance. No, it wasn't pretty.
 Thank you to everyone who offered us assistance, both on and off list. I am deeply touched and grateful for it. 
  I dunno just -what- that was in the washing machine, but it is dead now. Bleach is lovely, no? Same thing with the dishwasher. Looked like one of Conner's science experiments. I'm currently throwing out everything in the fridge, loading in the new and making a HUGE pot of coffee. ( Be glad you all haven't seen me this week. Moi, a week sans coffee. Millions have died.Film at 11.) 
 Coffee! Score!!
 It's still 52 degrees in here, but it beats the 36 it was when I got home today. I'm obscenely happy. Bear is making fun of me.   Humphf. 
  So now I make the offer to anyone else that is still in the situation I was in till 4 this afternoon. I'm going to be here tomorrow sewing as fast as I can, being a week behind now. Aaarrgh.  ( More coffee!)  Its warming up, and I have a new fridge full of food. Please, if anyone has cabin fever as bad as I had it or a non functional cabin for that matter, come on over and either be productive ( ha!)  with me, or just hang out, warm up or goof off. 
  Just figures eh? Just when you give in and resort to abject begging in public, the problem resolves itself. Again, I thank everyone for their offers of space, heat and companionship. 
 Merci a tout le monde et laissez le bon temps roulez
 Lisette de Beumont

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