[Namron] Populace Meeting Directions

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Greetings, David.

The easiest way to get to Norman High School from I-35 is to take the
Main Street exit and head east.  Drive east approximately 1 1/2 miles,
on your right will be a Homeland grocery store, and on the left is
Norman High School.  Drive to the east end of the high school, across
from Conoco, and turn left onto the street just before Carl's Junior.
There are 2 parking lots for the highschool, enter the first one.  The
entrance we normally use is the second one from the north end of the
building, I believe.  Enter the buiding, go straight down the hall, and
the library is the first large door on the left.

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Annabelle Fitzsimmons

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Having moved to Choctaw, Donna, I and maybe her son Jeromy are
interested in possibly joining the SCA.  Last Sunday we visited the
Skorragardr populace meeting and met many friendly folk including your
Baron & Baroness who greeted us warmly.  We would also like to meet some
of the people in Namron and attend the Wednesday meeting.  Please tell
us the most expediant way to 
get to the Norman High School assuming we are coming south on I35.
where in the HS is the Library?


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something more. 

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