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Veronique will be happy to donate a 2 pound loaf of home made bread and 1-2
pounds of cheese. The type of bread will be a white, and type of cheese will
be dictated by whimsy unless there is a need for a specific type.
Yours in service,
Veronique De Mont St.Michelle *

*Mama Rose*
*Lady Yvonne*
*Lord Cormac*
*Lady Abe Atsuko*
*Lady Shadow*
*Clarissima                                        Camp Stove x2*
*Lady Ara                                          Homemade bread, rice, and
*Lady Madelain                                  Paper goods*
*Ailis Mareoun Haddodc                     Homemade Bread*
*Veronique                                        Bread and Cheese*
*Lady Annabelle                                Cinnamon Rolls and Cookies*
*Lady Gwyneth                                 Very Large Jars of Pickles*
*Baroness Maleah                             4 loaves assorted homemade
*Lord Terric                                       Mint Drink*
*Lord Pooky                                     10-15 lb Brisket*
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