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Barat & Jacqueline will be donating Rootbeer, a period pavilion & some sort
of food item that weekend.  The food item will be decided upon as it gets
closer to the event.



Jacqueline Reynolds



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Veronique will be happy to donate a 2 pound loaf of home made bread and 1-2
pounds of cheese. The type of bread will be a white, and type of cheese will
be dictated by whimsy unless there is a need for a specific type. 
Yours in service,
Veronique De Mont St.Michelle 


Mama Rose

Lady Yvonne

Lord Cormac

Lady Abe Atsuko

Lady Shadow

Clarissima                                        Camp Stove x2

Lady Ara                                          Homemade bread, rice, and

Lady Madelain                                   Paper goods

Ailis Mareoun Haddodc                     Homemade Bread

Veronique                                        Bread and Cheese

Lady Annabelle                                Cinnamon Rolls and Cookies

Lady Gwyneth                                 Very Large Jars of Pickles

Baroness Maleah                             4 loaves assorted homemade

Lord Terric                                       Mint Drink

Lord Pooky                                     10-15 lb Brisket



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