[Namron] Namron's new Hospitaler

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I agree.honestly if it was me running for the office woulda wrote her
and told her off then complained to the Kingdom representative..
especially over this "And While I like to encourage new people to apply
for positions and normally I will pick that person".. so it matter not
who is most qualified apparently but who is newest to her. There could
have also been . um a better way to let everyone know, instead of
stirring up a pot. 
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What a wonderful...um....ah....encouraging letter......
I shall now go wash the "tacky" off my hands.....
Thomas, was this perchance a letter to be for the whole of the barony,
or mainly addressed to the senechal? The more I reread this the more
cranky and old I'm feeling. I'm thinking a nice "polite" letter to
venerable regional officer on the topic of her candor might not be
misplaced. (grinning, with twinkle in eye tempered by cruel eld and not
able to "keep" a younger more vital crowd in our "smaller" less vital
no slight to either Adena or Isobel
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