[Namron] Knee jerk reactions (was hospitilar's office)

John Cole master_aethelstan at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 09:20:57 PST 2007

Ok folks,
  Before we all start lighting torches and grabbing hay forks (not that it wouldn't be fun)
  I've gotten several responses to my post from earlier, so I'm just gonna post to the list in general.
  First of all, I'm almost positive that this Lady didn't mean any disrespect in her missive.
  Second, although I don't know this Lady personally, she sounds fairly young herself and as such may not have noticed how her letter would sound/effect the people who would read it.
  We most definately do not need to start firing off letters to kingdom. This is one of the reasons why the rest of the kingdom thinks so little of us, because we don't take care of our own dirty laundry at home first. (for those of ya'll who have already written letters upstream, I'm not trying to slam any of you, I'm just asking that we not send anymore, thanks)
  Finally, if ya'll feel as irratated as I do, then send a letter to *our* seneschal or the Baron and Baroness.  Let's let them take a day or two and a deep breath, and write *one* letter to the regional and express the groups displeasure in her matter of communication. 
  We don't need to let this get off a regional level, and it really shouldn't leave the barony.
  This is a simple matter of someone speaking befor they think, and I know I've been guilty of that a time or four. *grin*
  trying to promote peace and harmony
  second junior *has been* leader of the barony :)

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