[Namron] Namron's new Hospitaler

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 09:50:48 PST 2007

Adena, congratulations!!!!

(iMhPo) You have all the qualities to do a wonderful job as Our new 
I really appreciate your willingness to do this and I look forward to 
helping out in any way I can!
Please let your Pooky Lovve know how best I can help and I look forward to 
doing everything I can!!

Love and Thanx,
Pooky ~ Hospitaller by nature at/that's Large

Isobell, Thank you for your tireless efforts and unlimited generosity over 
the years in the effort to procure new members to Our beloved Society!!! I 
am extremely appreciative to you, for recognizing and acting upon the need 
to entice and inspire people to join Our Loving Barony!!
You are an inspiration to ME.

Love and Thanx,
Pooky ~ Another seeker of the New

>Below is the decision of the Northern Regional Hospitaler:
>Begin forwarded message:
>>Ok after much thought and taking in to consideration all concern  involved 
>>I have made a decision. The kingdom is making a push for  more younger 
>>vital crowd that will stay longer. I have lived in  moonshcadowe and know 
>>the importance of getting that younger more  eccentric group. Namron is an 
>>AWSOME group that could do great  things like Moonschadowe if the right 
>>person is in the job of  Hospitaler. You need someone that can reach that 
>>younger college  age crowd and make them excited and feel welcome. And 
>>While I like  to encourage new people to apply for positions and normally 
>>I will  pick that person, I think your group could be SO MUCH bigger if it 
>>  has someone with experience who is excited about the SCA.
>>So I have decided to go with Adena as your Hospitaler. I would  encourage 
>>Isobel to continue to do her newcomers meeting as always  and to be a 
>>support for Adena.
>>Thank you for all your comments and your support.
>>Lady Elodie de Cormier
>>Northern Regional Hospitaler
>I will be opening the office of A&S Minister for applications  immediately. 
>  Adena has offered to continue assisting the A&S  activities for Medieval 
>Fair so we aren't left without an A&S person  for our biggest recruiting 
>Lord Thomas of Weathershear
>Seneschal Namron
>(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)

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