[Namron] Namron Digest, Vol 10, Issue 39

Elodie elodie_osu at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 10:27:00 PST 2007

Hello..I am sending out an apology..I sent this email to your seneschal and baron and Baroness PRIVATELY to announce who I was picking as your new hospitaler..it was not intended to go to the ENTIRE list..
  While I think both applicants are very qualified for the position I had to take into consideration both positive and negative comments I got from ALL parties involved in making the decision. I do not take making these decisions very lightly. I am also not suggesting you spawn off a province..what I am suggesting is you use the college as a recruitement opportunity such as Moonschadowe..I like Namron, I think you have a good group..but my job as regional is to help ALL the groups be better. I am sorry some felt it was neccessary to send a email addressed only to them and make it public and that so many felt offended by this. Please support your new hospitaler as she does her job. 
  Isobel, I meant to call you personally yesterday but time got away from me. Please continue your newcomers class and doing all you do to help with this Barony. 
  Lady Elodie
  Northern Regional Hospitaler

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