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John Cole master_aethelstan at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 12:27:16 PST 2007

  Good Lord Thomas wrote:
  I plan to write a private letter to Elodie, her superior, my immediate superior, and the Crown (since Elodie implied their complicity with her ideas by stating "The kingdom is making a push ....") addressing Elodie's reasonings.  I will not post that letter to the list.  However since I stated before that I believe in the transparency of the office, I will gladly make a private copy to those who request it.
I would like to ask that you *not* take this any further that it has already gone. 
  If you believe it must, then please hold council with your Landed representives of the Crown. Like it or not *Our* Landed Baron and Baroness are the next step in the food chain. The seneschallate should not be involved at any level but the local one for this current issue.
  The Lady in question has already sent an apology to our list.
  This is a *MINOR* thing......a molehill.....Namron is not noted for it's elevated topography, so please let's not give her any.....
  We have what we need, a new officer announcement for the Barony. That's it, now the rest of the job is up to us.
  I would strongly suggest that this is a *dead issue* and we go about having a wonderful weekend with wolfstar or with whomever we please.
  Master Aethelstan Aethelmearson, OL
  Fourth Baron of the Barony of Namron

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