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I know that it has been requested that this topic be dropped, but I would like to post something, since I am DIRECTLY involved.  
I know that the Northern Region Hospitaler meant absolutely no disregard for anyone’s feelings or thoughts.  I know that she made a decision, one that she thought was the best at the time, after taking into consideration opinions and ideas from those who she was required to.  There is a reason that SHE is the one that makes this decision.  
Nowhere in that email did she say that she was choosing me because of my lack of age, or because of the age of the other applicant.  What she said was
“You need someone that can reach that younger college age crowd and make them excited and feel welcome”.  
She thinks that I would be better at this. She made no implication about my age being the reason for that thought.  That was something that was inferred from the email.  She should not be punished for someone else’s deduction. 
Elodie also said
“And While I like to encourage new people to apply for positions and normally I will pick that person, I think your group could be SO MUCH bigger if it has someone with experience who is excited about the SCA. “
She is not saying that she doesn’t like to pick a newcomer (not that the other applicant is).  She is saying that if there is someone who has the experience AND who is excited about the SCA, why wouldn’t she choose them.  (also, not that the other applicant doesn’t have these).  
As for relating us to Mooneschadowe, there is NO doubt that Mooneschadowe is a great group of people and a very up and coming group with in Kingdom dynamics.  Denying this would be stupid and just plain ignorant.  There are MANY things that Mooneschadowe, Northkeep, Eldern Hills, and Weisenfuer all do differently that may or may not be beneficial to our own barony.  That province is NOT the epitome of greatness, they too have their flaws.  I believe that what the Northern Regional Hopsitaler was trying to say is that we should use the resources of the University more, much like Mooneschadowe does. I think that this is undeniable as well.  She is not saying that Mooneschadowe is better, or that it is more important, but that there are things going on there that are not happening anywhere else in the Kingdom, and maybe not even the society. 
 The enthusiasm  and the provincial pride that the Mooneschadian have is amazing.  But I believe that the camaraderie that Namron has, and the place that it holds in all of its members hearts has no comparison.   Even thinking so would be naive.  
I do not know why the Isobel was not chosen.  I think that the Barony of Namron would have been in fine hands had she been chosen. I look forward to working with her in the future, as I know that she has many fine ideas. I also know that my ability to do this job the way that the Barony, the Crown and the Northern Regional Hospitaler sees fit has nothing to do with my age.  Experience and excitement IS the key here.  
I would like to thank everyone that has shown their support for me, and for those that will help me with everything that I will be doing at this office.  I know that none of the previous comments were directed at me, but I cannot help to want to clear things up, at least in some capacity.  
Since it HAS been requested that this be taken off list, I would like any further comments, or any replies to what I have said be sent to me, or any other officer of the Barony.  We are a great group, yet in the recent months, there has been some mud slinging, some rumor mongering and many petty fights.  This does nothing for our reputation. And as a Barony that has lasted these 30 years, it is bound to have some spots.  It is the beginning of a new time, and whenever a new Baron and Baroness are chosen, the slate should start anew.  
Do not let the Barony become tarnished once again.  Hold it in your hearts and do everything that you can for it.  THAT is how we will regain the ideals that were once held so dear in the society. 
HL Adena Terricsdotter. 
Hospitaler of Namron. 
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