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To the dear person who responded to this email.

I do not know if you copied and pasted all of what the Northern Regional 
Hospitaler said, but from my understanding of what you provided, she is just 
wanting a person who can reach this crowd, NOT someone of a certain age range.  
There are a mulititude of peoples who can do this in the SCA.  I see no age 

is provide others with a look at the lesser side of our barony.  We do not need 
newbies, or people who are just considering joining, to see this. Plus, there 
are many people who do not enjoy looking at this kind of language.  I myself 
do not appreciate this in so public of a forum.  You're worried about a 
hospitilar?  About someone who approches the public?  Well, thanks for the public 
advertising in so rude of a way, because almost anyone can recieve our list who 
so wants to see it.  This is NOT the image we want to portray of ourselves.  
We want to keep the dream alive, NOT Squash it where it stands!

Yours in the dream,
Lady Ailis Mareoun Haddock
> Below is the decision of the Northern Regional
> Hospitaler:
> Begin forwarded message:
> > Ok after much thought and taking in to
> consideration all concern  
> > involved I have made a decision. The kingdom is
> making a push for  
> > more younger vital crowd that will stay longer. I
> have lived in  
> > moonshcadowe and know the importance of getting
> that younger more  
> > eccentric group. Namron is an AWESOME group that
> could do great  
> > things like Moonschadowe if the right person is in
> the job of  
> > Hospitaler. You need someone that can reach that
> younger college  
> > age crowd and make them excited and feel welcome.
> And While I like  
> > to encourage new people to apply for positions and
> normally 

What kind of shit is this. 
You need to apologize to Lady Isobel for your remarks,
this is age discrimination if I heard you right.
So you say we need to be young to do a job,I guess we
need to stop playing and let the kids play.
Is this your thoughts or are they words from the
grown of ANSTEORRA,you are repeating.
Please let us know more of the private thoughts of
the Crown.
Your word need to heard more often "NOT"!!!!!
If it displays this type og discrimination
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