[Namron] Fighter Practice this Tuesday night

syr_owen at nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Mon Feb 26 08:09:58 PST 2007

Prynhawn da,

This practice is different than any practice in the Northern 
Region it will focus more on learning how to fight, instead of throw you in 
armour and let you start swinging, stabbing,cutting whatever. We will work on 
footwork, shot combinations, drilling to achieve correct muscle memory, how to 
throw proper shots, body conditioning. This is just a small list of what we 
will work on at this practice. 

You do not need armour to attend this practice. If you have armour please 
bring it as working in armour will help you when you are fighting. It will 
also let you know what you need to do to improve mobility in your armour.

This practice focuses on learning how to fight so if you are interested in 
Rapier or Chivalric there is something at this practice that will help you 
become a better fighter. It will also help you become more in tune with your 
body for any physical activity that you wish to do.

        Address and directions are listed below. I look forward to seeing as 
many of you that are interested, the practice will be this  Tuesday 
the 27th it will start at 6:30pm and will have to end at 9:30pm when the 
Recreation Center closes. If you call the Center we are listed as a Western 
Martial Arts class.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan

Sellers Recreation Center
Address:   8303 S Villa Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73159  

>From Edmond
Edmond, OK 
1. Starting in EDMOND, OK on S BOULEVARD ST - go 0.1 mi 
2. Turn Left on E 1ST ST - go 0.2 mi 
3. Turn Left on S BROADWAY - go 1.0 mi 
4. Continue on BROADWAY EXT - go 2.8 mi 
5. Continue on US-77 SOUTH - go 5.0 mi 
6. Take the I-44 WEST exit toward I-44 SERVICE RD - go 12.3 mi 
7. Continue on I-240 EAST - go 0.5 mi 
8. Take exit #1B/S. MAY AVE - go 0.2 mi 
9. Turn Right on S MAY AVE - go 0.7 mi 
10. Turn Left on SW 82ND ST - go 0.5 mi 
11. Turn Right on S VILLA AVE - go 0.0 mi 
12. Arrive at 8303 S VILLA AVE, OKLAHOMA CITY, on the Right

>From Norman
Norman, OK  
1. Starting at the center of zip code 73071 on BEACON CIR - go 0.1 mi 
2. Turn Left on MORREN DR - go 0.4 mi 
3. Turn Right on 12TH AVE NE - go 0.9 mi 
4. Turn Left on ROBINSON ST - go 1.7 mi 
5. Turn Right on N FLOOD AVE[US-77] - go 3.5 mi 
6. Continue to follow US-77 - go 0.1 mi 
7. Take ramp onto I-35 NORTH - go 5.5 mi 
8. Take Left exit #119A/SHIELDS BLVD onto SHIELDS BLVD - go 1.7 mi 
9. Turn Left on 89TH ST - go 2.9 mi 
10. Turn Right on S HILLCREST DR - go 0.3 mi 
11. Bear Left on SW 86TH ST - go 0.1 mi 
12. Turn Right on S VILLA AVE - go 0.2 mi 
13. Arrive at 8303 S VILLA AVE, OKLAHOMA CITY, on the Left

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