[Namron] Classes and Informal Poll

Genevria di Betto genevria at cox.net
Wed Mar 21 11:42:28 PDT 2007

Please put me down as a yes for the body double class.

When scheduling, please also try not to conflict with Namron's Cook's Guild 
meetings.  Cook's Guild meets on the second and fourth Sundays.  I know 
every conflict can not be eliminated, but please try.


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> Greetings Skorragardr and Namron:
> Anyone else interested in the body double class?
> I need to know how many so that I can find a large
> enough place for us.
> If you can all carpool to Shawnee, I am sure I can do
> it at the VFW on a Sunday. That is when they are
> traditionally closed, so that there is no conflict.
> Unless someone has a large home that they can open up
> to us or another place. It must have a bathroom or
> privacy for when we will cut these off of our bodies.
> What we can do is pair off so that everyone gets their
> body double. We can do one in the morning, break for
> lunch and then do the other in the afternoon. Saving
> the late afternoon for instructions on how to stuff
> and put on a pole or hang.
> Lady Siobhan,
> Do you know of a good Sunday to have it that would not
> conflict with the classes you already have planned?
> Is this alright by you, let me know how you wish to
> proceed.
> Lucrezia
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>> Jennifer <fairefolk at yahoo.com> wrote: As to that
>> note...I am thinking I will stay home
>> tonight as well. Just not feeling up to the drive
>> after the lovely war I just came home from, I think
>> I need a vacation now...lol.
>> Anyway, I took a lot of lovely bunch of classes at
>> war that I would love to share. I was also asked to
>> teach next year and was given a list of classes they
>> would love to have me teach...meanwhile...
>> I have been talking with Sioban and will be making
>> arrangements on doing some classes here at the
>> Canton as well as out in Namron. I would prefer to
>> do in on Sunday evenings, unless a better weekday
>> can be found.
>> I would love to have everyones' opinion and feedback
>> so as to make the classes fun as well as
> informative.
>> We were thinking of a class on making body doubles
>> so that people can fit themselves...very hard to do
>> no matter how talented you are.
>> Then maybe a class on "how" to do duck tape
>> patterns.
>> Then one on period bags and purses,
>> one on tribal Bra's and Belts, ten yard skirts,
>> choli's and Ghawazee coats...for all our new
>> dancers,
>> a class on wire wrap jewelry,
>> maybe one on PMC...not period but definitely fun. It
>> can be expensive but I am looking into trying to
>> make it more affordable.
>> Let me know if you are interested.
>> I know that I am looking forward to classes on
>> weaving and blackwork. I understand that one is
>> already being scheduled for a Saturday soon. I can't
>> wait.
> Have a wonderful POP everyone...see you all at Med
>> faire.
>> YIS
>> Ldy Lucrezia di Gilead
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>> Me!  Yes, I most definitely want a body double.  I
>> have even been desperate
>> enough to have been thinking of having Owen help me
>> make one.  He would not
>> be happy.  Please teach this one first!  The not
>> being able to fit it to me
>> is my biggest obstacle to sewing garb.  I suspect
>> there would be enough
>> interest inthis class that we could take donations
>> to cover your travel
>> expenses if you come to namron (i.e. We would pay
>> for gas and food.).
>> All the other classes sound like fun too.  You might
>> also think about
>> teaching something at a regional practice.  That's
>> my regional officer pet
>> project self speaking there.  As opposed to the self
>> interested part in the
>> first paragraph. :)
>> Jennifer
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>> I LOVE the idea of making a body double.  I keep
>> thinking I will buy one at Hancock, but haven't
>> gotten up the dough to do that.
>> I'm not sure what duct tape patterns are, but that
>> sounds interesting, too.  Keep on letting us
>> Namronians know what classes are coming along as I
>> will drive to Shawnee for those that interest me.
>> Thanks for all your hard work.
>> Lady Isobel
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>> informal class poll.
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>> I for one would be interested in the form class. I
>> tried one idea a few
>> years ago and it didn't work very well so I'd like a
>> new idea.
>> Margarite
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