[Namron] Friday night after Med Fair

Matthias the Brewer matthiasthebrewer at cox.net
Wed Mar 28 14:47:36 PDT 2007

I'm up for some entertainment Friday evening.  I lost my job as well, and
need some good positive entertainment.



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Greetings all,
Just a note to see if anyone would be up for doing something fun ... dinner,
a movie, pizza and a movie or games at someone's house ... just something
fun ... Friday night after Med Fair. I have been kinda down in the dumps
this week about having been laid off from my job and the ongoing struggle to
get a new one and I just need to have a good time. I know that there is the
revel on Saturday night, but I was wanting to do something Friday as we may
not be able to attend the revel on Saturday (it's a long story LOL). Anyhoo
... please feel free to repsond to the list or to my private e-mail. 
Hugs to you all,
Katarina and Orlando 

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