[Namron] Med Fair Update - Thursday 830 pm

William Adkins winkleried at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 30 18:16:23 PDT 2007

With the right applied chemistry it's never to wet for a bonfire :)
Sorry i wasn't  out today agnese's dental procedure was rescheduled for later in the afternoon. Thinking about showing up at the Fri Revel

Susan Adkins <susanmomof2 at sbcglobal.net> wrote: It is too wet for a bonfire or I'm sure Willie would happily make one :) 

Have fun playing in the rain!! 
Willie will be out later today and then tomorrow. 

Pain permitting I'll be out tomorrow afternoon after church with the kids 


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 have to  shift.  Regardless of the weather, we can always eat, drink (permitted  beverages, of course), and be merry.  Eating, singing, story telling,  eating, dancing, riparian entertainments, drinking, punning, eating, games,  heckling, eating, etc, generally making merry according to long standing  Namronian tradition.  So, Plan B  = show the rest of the world The  Hystorical Arte of Making Merry Under Divers Circumstans.   :)
 Oh,  and Matthias, whatever you're about to say, the answer is  no.
 You  too, Willie.
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         I just came in from site, and it is not    too pretty right now, especially with the rain not showing any signs of    wanting to stop.  The latest forecast shows heavy rain and possible    severe storms through late Friday.  
   The Med Fair  Committee will make a    “go-no go” decision by 7 am Friday and will put that information on their    office answering machine.  So, PLEASE call 405- 288-2536 before coming    out Friday morning.  
   If Friday is on, we will have a lot of    work to do to salvage our encampment and prepare for what visitors we may    have.  But be assured many of the merchants and other performers will be    in the same boat (sorry for the pun) as several have not even begun to set    up.  The Namron Baronial remains high and dry, and we may have to focus    the day out of there.  Lord Terrence will make fight decision based on    the weather and condition of  the list.  The rest of us may very well have    to become the exhibits and live demos and make fun with improv and “lane    play.”  Please take the weather into account when you dress, and rugged    and simple are perfectly fine.  
   Looking ahead, the weather for Saturday    and Sunday promises to be much, much improved.     
   If you need to  contact me, I may be    reached at 405-360-4150.  That will forward to my mobile if I’m in the    field.
   In Service
   A very wet and cold    Wolfgang

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